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With spring and comes change and it appears that change, or at least a shift, in the metals market is underway. 


Nickel and chromed based scrap materials are starting to face headwinds that defy the LME and business fundamental – and seem to be more based on trade wars.


I would suggest that this will likely be played out with other base metals as well as the tariff negotiations between the USA and the world play out.


In short, we are beginning to feel a slight chill in the pricing in the past few days as compared to a few weeks ago, as this AMM article is suggesting.  Nothing to cause anyone to jump out of a window, but certainly, history has shown me that trends are your friend and if the pendulum swings a new direction, it may overshoot until it finds its new balance.


We will keep on eye on the market and ensure that we are able to get strong pricing for your scrap material.  However, as we see market changes, we like to keep our suppliers and friends in loop.


Of course, if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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