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Since 1880, we have continually sought to meet the recycling needs of the ever-evolving Waterloo region. Starting off as rag and bone recycling during the Grand Trunk era, moving through glass, paper, cardboard and then metal recycling, our goal has always been to provide our community with a clean, safe, reliable, and modern recycling experience that grew with the needs of the residents, small and large businesses, government, and industry that help shape the place we call home.


By now you will have seen the construction on Lancaster St and might be curious as to what exactly is happening with our metal recycling facility there! Here’s what is in store!


One-stop recycling: Everyone will be able to bring everything to one site to be weighed, graded, and paid!


Covered Inbound and Outbound Scale: We will have two 80ft scales so we can accommodate any vehicle or transport option for your scrap AND make sure on-site traffic nor weather impacts your visit.


Fully concreted facility: Our facility will have concrete to facilitate organization, cleanliness, processing, and ease of loading and unloading of your recycled metals. We want to make sure that your boots and tires are as clean going into the yard as they are coming out.


Drive-through non-ferrous recycling: Enjoy a seamless non-ferrous recycling experience in a HEATED facility where you will be able to unload your material and get your receiving slip in the comfort of our new spacious warehouse.


ATM payments: Grab your ticket and get paid right away or batch them together and get paid when it is easiest for you. The convenience of the ATM means you can continue to do your work first and get paid at a more convenient time for you!

Global Reach with a Local Touch

Our focus has always been on making sure the region sees the strongest access to all local, national, and international, markets for its valuable recyclable resources. With our partnership with AIM Recycling, it will only get stronger. Our facility will boast rail access, along with our dedicated processing equipment and maintenance facilities to ensure maximum uptime and flow of materials to and from our site. Increasing the speed of shipments and expanding our ability to bring the markets to our doorstep. Working with us means you get the local guidance of your neighbour with the reach of the largest multinational metal recycler in Canada.


We are Open During Construction


We are committed to providing a great metal recycling experience during the construction and are fully open at both locations while the changes are taking place! We are still accepting scrap metal at both locations during our business hours which are Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm.


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